male albino hedgehog in Rochester, New York

Price: $250
Type: Services, For Sale

Rare little white ball of spikes. One male left. Only 6 1/2 weeks old and you will be its first owner. So you can mold him to the sweet little baby you desire. Will come with food, a snuggle pouch and caresheet. $250. Each. Can deliver for free within Rochester city limits. Fee if farther depending on distance.
Please do some research before you decide to adopt one. These are exotic animals that require specific care. And while they are easy to care for they also can be killed easy if their needs not meet. Also while they can alive on cat food they are happier, healthier and live longer if they get to eat bugs too. Don't have to be live bugs, can be canned or freeze dried . Will give you some freeze dried mealworms to start. If bugs make you squeemish really shouldn't get one.
Also while very cute and become very friendly, they not exactly cuddly. They are spikey. They require a lot of handling to make and keep them friendly. Again this is a baby so easier to work with but how much you work with it will determine how friendly it will be long term

City: Rochester  Zip code: 14613 Category: Services
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